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The Importance of Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters

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To maintain the quality and efficiency of your heating and cooling system you should perform regular maintenance on it. This is actually a lot simpler than many people realise, and you will be surprised what a difference it can make. Air conditioning filters should be changed regularly; doing so will keep your system working at peak performance and lower energy bills dramatically.

Filters should be changed at least every three to six months.

Determining when to change your filters is specific to each home. If dust and pet dander are prevalent in your home you probably need to change your filter at three months. If you delay the change out your system could be damaged and your energy bills will begin to rise.

If your home is fairly dust-free or pet-free you can probably wait until the six month mark. If you change the filters too much you are essentially throwing away money, and who can afford that?

Some of the most efficient air conditioner filters are the pleated type. Some companies claim a sixty percent or more efficiency rate. I have found that most of the time store brand filters work just as well as name brand filters. Try them out and see what works best for you.

It is recommended that filters be changed every three to six months. If you have a lot of pets or live in an area with a lot of dust it would be best to change them at three months. Homes without these issues can probably wait til the latter end and change out at six months. Once again, this is specific to your home so it is up to you.

Help Prevent Allergies

Some people may have issues with household or seasonal allergies. If this sounds like you a more efficient filtration system may be necessary. Electrostatic, electronic, and sometimes even HEPA filters can be more efficient than the common pleated filter. These filters are very efficient, however they will have to be changed or cleaned very often.
Electronic filters will never cause problems with airflow even when they are completely filthy. However, build up or dirt of dust will prevent them from doing their job. These filters must be disassembled and soaked, and then reassembled after drying.

Electrostatic filters are a very efficient type of filter. The can be anywhere from two to six percent more expensive than regular disposable filters, but these are not disposable and they work very well. They can be cleaned and reused repeatedly.

HEPA filters may be a last resort in filters. They work extremely well, but because they catch so much dirt and grime they tend to clog very quickly. These filters must be checked on monthly and they can cause airflow problems if not taken care of. Consult a professional to see if they believe HEPA filters are right for your home.

Final Thoughts

All of us could use a little extra money in our pocket. Changing out air filters regularly is a very simple option to keeping your unit working well and keeping your energy bills as low as possible. A small change can make an extremely large difference for your budget.

In maintaining your air conditioning system, the best thing you can do is to replace your air conditioning filters regularly. Changing your air conditioner filters will extend the life of your cooling system and keep it working at it’s best.